Effective Date: August 12,2019

Fruitscosmetics, care about your confidentiality and safety when processing your personal data. 
The personal data we may collect while you are browsing all website operated by us, including other media forms, channels, media, mobile website or mobile application related or connected thereto (hereinafter collectively to third parties and your right and options to control your personal information and protect your privacy. 

a. What is personal data? 
Personal data is any information about an individual or a physical person that may be indirectly or directly identified via an identification number or one or more elements particular to them, such ad their first name, last name, date of birth,social, customer number or identification such as a photo

When do we collect your personal data? 
a. We may collect your personal data  when you are creating an account on our website. 
b. Ordering goods from our website 
c. Making a purchase on our website. 
d. Agreeing to receive marketing materials in the for of mails, telephone, SMS etc. 
e. When contacting our customer service. 

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